A Commitment to AI Safety & Responsible Use
Safety is our utmost priority in AI interactions. We have implemented measures and protocols to safeguard users and society from potential risks. Read on to understand our approach to maintaining a safe AI experience.
Responsible AI Use
We deploy AI systems in a transparent, secure, and fair manner, guided by open communication, privacy, and unbiased development.
User Guidelines
We provide clear guidelines and prohibited actions for users to ensure responsible and ethical use of our AI systems.
Content Monitoring & Control
We use automated scanning and human oversight to ensure AI-generated content’s integrity and appropriateness.
Ensure AI's decision-making processes are transparent and understandable
Fostering open communication about the development and deployment of AI systems
Clear and accessible explanations of how our AI models make decisions and recommendations
Handle user data in compliance with applicable privacy laws and regulations
Use data only to improve the user experience and AI performance
Protecting the confidentiality and integrity of personal information
Ensuring AI development that’s unbiased and equitable
Providing equal and fair service to all users
Reducing disparities and promoting inclusivity within AI systems

Responsible AI Use
Deploying AI in a transparent, secure, and fair manner

We aim to maximize the positive impact of AI technology while minimizing potential risks. We believe in harnessing the potential of AI to transform industries, enhance productivity, drive innovation, and improve lives, all while maintaining the highest ethical standards.

Guidelines for users to engage with our AI systems
We have drafted clear guidelines for users to engage with our AI systems and in a manner that aligns with our values and principles. We recommend users to follow these guidelines to maximize the benefits of our AI technology while minimizing potential risks and harm.
Best Practices
Engage with AI within the bounds of legality and ethical standards
Respect the privacy and rights of others when using generative AI features
Avoid using AI to create misleading or harmful content
Prohibited Actions
Do not use our AI systems for any unlawful purposes or to generate illegal content
Refrain from manipulating AI outputs to foster deception, fraud, or misinformation
Avoid using AI to infringe on intellectual property rights, including copying or replicating copyrighted material without authorization
Maintaining the integrity and appropriateness of AI-generated content
We employ robust monitoring and control mechanisms to ensure that the content generated by our AI systems is accurate, appropriate, and free from harmful or offensive material. Our content moderation processes are designed to protect users and maintain trust in our AI technology.
Automated Monitoring
Continuous scanning of AI-generated content for potential issues or violations
Flagging and filtering of inappropriate or harmful content using advanced algorithms
Regular updates and refinements to our monitoring systems to address evolving threats
Human Oversight
Dedicated team of human moderators to review flagged content and make final decisions
Ongoing training and support for moderators to ensure consistent and fair judgments
Escalation processes for complex or sensitive cases requiring additional review
Encouraging open communication and continuous improvement
We value the feedback and insights provided by our users and stakeholders. By maintaining open channels for reporting concerns and suggesting improvements, we can continuously enhance the performance, safety, and ethical alignment of our AI systems.
Reporting System
Our ongoing research into AI safety ensures that our protocols evolve with the technology
We collaborate with the AI community to set industry-wide safety standards
Feedback Loop
Report any safety concerns or misuse of AI through our dedicated channels
Swift action to investigate and mitigate any reported issues
Improving our AI systems every day
Research and development
We encourage feedback to continuously improve our safety protocols
Share your experience to help us refine and enhance the functionality of our Gen AI systems
Updates and Enhancements
Regular updates to our safety guidelines reflect the latest research and community feedback
We are committed to continuous enhancement of our safety features

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Contact Us for Additional Safety-Related Support
For any safety-related inquiries or support, please contact our dedicated team via the contact information provided on our website.