Service Terms

These Service Terms regulate your utilisation of the Services. Terms not defined herein carry the meanings ascribed in the overarching Agreement, including the Terms of Use and Business Terms. In the event of a conflict between these Service Terms and your Agreement, the Service Terms will prevail. For the context of these Terms, “Content” encompasses “Customer Content.”


QX LABS PTE. LTD.’s indemnification commitments to API users involve third-party claims asserting infringement of intellectual property rights due to Customer’s use or distribution of Output. Exceptions to this indemnity exist under specified conditions.

Beta Services

This section pertains to your utilisation of services or features provided by QX LABS PTE. LTD. on an alpha, preview, early access, or beta basis (“Beta Services”). Beta Services are provided on an “as-is” basis to facilitate testing and evaluation, and they are exempt from any indemnification obligations that QX LABS PTE. LTD. might have towards you.

QX LABS PTE. LTD. does not provide any representations or warranties for Beta Services, including but not limited to any assurance that Beta Services will be generally available, uninterrupted, error-free, or that Content will remain secure and unharmed. Except where prohibited by law, QX LABS PTE. LTD. explicitly disclaims all warranties related to Beta Services, encompassing any implied warranties of merchantability, satisfactory quality, fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement, or quiet enjoyment. Additionally, QX LABS PTE. LTD. disclaims any warranties arising from any course of dealing or usage of trade.


Administration: Administrators with appropriate privileges can manage ASK QX (“Administrators”). Administrators are responsible for provisioning and administering the ASK QX Service solely for end users within their organisation, including affiliates. They may have the authority to: (a) add, remove, and suspend end users’ access to ASK QX; (b) access, share, and remove Content; and (c) access logging and information regarding end users’ utilisation of ASK QX. ASK QX customers are accountable for obtaining and maintaining all required consents from end users to perform the aforementioned actions and enable QX LABS PTE. LTD. to provide the Services.

Output Indemnity: QX LABS PTE. LTD.’s indemnification commitments to ASK QX customers, as outlined in the Agreement, cover claims asserting that Customer’s use or distribution of Output infringes on a third party’s intellectual property right. However, this indemnity does not apply in situations where: (i) Customer or Customer’s End Users were aware or should have been aware that the Output was infringing or likely to infringe; (ii) Customer or Customer’s End Users disabled, ignored, or failed to use any relevant citation, filtering, or safety features or restrictions provided by QX LABS PTE. LTD.; (iii) Output was modified, transformed, or used in combination with products or services not provided by or on behalf of QX LABS PTE. LTD.; (iv) Customer or its End Users lacked the right to use the Input or fine-tuning files to generate the allegedly infringing Output; (v) the claim alleges violation of trademark or related rights based on Customer’s or its End Users’ use of Output in trade or commerce; and (vi) the allegedly infringing Output is derived from content from a Third-Party Offering.

Code Generation

Output generated by code generation features may be subject to third-party licences, including open source licences.

Image Capabilities

Our models have the capability to incorporate images as part of the Service’s Inputs (“Image Capabilities”).

Non-Medical Purpose: Image Capabilities are not constructed or intended for utilisation as a medical device or to execute any medical functions. They should not serve as a replacement for professional medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, or judgement.

People in Images: The use of Image Capabilities for identifying individuals or seeking to elicit or deduce private or sensitive information about a person is strictly prohibited.

Plugins and Actions

Introduction: Plugins and Actions (collectively referred to as “Plugins”) in ASK QX are functionalities that enable you to send instructions to and receive information from external applications or websites (“Applications”) while utilising our Services. Each Plugin is developed and provided by the Application’s developer, typically an independent third party not associated with QX LABS PTE. LTD.. Your interaction with an Application through one or more Plugins is your sole responsibility. You must manually activate each plugin to grant the relevant Service access to and utilisation of the enabled plugin. QX LABS PTE. LTD. retains the right (but is not obligated) to review, reject, or remove Applications from ASK QX. However, through the use of Plugins, you may encounter Applications or content that could be offensive, inappropriate, or objectionable. By using Plugins, you acknowledge that you do so at your own risk. ONLY ENABLE A PLUGIN IF YOU ARE FAMILIAR WITH AND TRUST THE UNDERLYING APPLICATION AND HAVE REVIEWED ITS TERMS AND PRIVACY POLICY.

Plugin Functionality and Content: Upon enabling a plugin, the Services will transmit relevant portions of your Content and specific information, such as your country and state (“Plugin Data”), via the plugin to the Application. By activating the plugin, you grant us the authority to send your Plugin Data to the respective Application, and the handling of this data will be in accordance with the Application’s terms. We disclaim responsibility for Plugin Data once it has been provided to an Application, excluding Applications owned by us. The Plugin will retrieve information and content from the Application, which might be incorporated into the Output you receive from the Services. This information and content within the Output are not owned by you or QX LABS PTE. LTD. and may be subject to the terms and conditions of the Application.

Voice Conversations

This feature allows users to engage in voice conversations with ASK QX models, specifically for non-commercial use. Restrictions apply to the distribution or repackaging of ASK QX Voice Output. Any rights assigned to users do not include ASK QX Voice Output.